Legal Services for Workers Compensation in Utah

Have you received an injury at work? Worker’s compensation laws date back to the beginning of the twentieth century. In the likelihood that you have or will in the future, your employer is generally expected to have worker’s compensation insurance to assist you. You may still receive wages and your medical bills may be paid in exchange for you giving up the ability to file a lawsuit for the accident.

Worker’s compensation insurance differs from health and disability insurance. As an employee you are merited some protection in the event that you incur injury, but it is not a contractual agreement – you do not pay for it. In health or disability insurance, you (the buyer) agree to a dollar amount of coverage as long as you pay the monthly premium. You may still be eligible for worker’s compensation even if you have neither health nor disability insurance.

Millions of American workers apply every year for worker’s compensation, but many are denied fair compensation, so having legal aid can give you an advantage. Do not expect your employer or the insurance company to keep your best interests as a priority. The insurance adjuster who reviews your case is motivated to keep the cost of the claim low, which may be in conflict with giving you fair compensation. Worker’s compensation attorneys are familiar not only with state laws but also the necessary processing, such as the required forms for medical reimbursement or in the case of denial, how to appeal. As a result, they can make sure your claim successfully navigates the legal system with less time and stress on your part.

Even if you are not party to a work-related injury at this time, it would still be a good idea to visit your Human Resources representative and sign up if you have not.

The state of Utah has worker’s compensation laws that are fairly similar to most states, but there are a few differences. We recommend that you do some reading about worker’s compensation, but do not feel overwhelmed – we are here to help!